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Aegean Chapter 506

Chapter History

With many Greek families moving from the East Side of Metro Detroit to the North East suburbs and the establishment of the St. John’s Greek Orthodox Church in Sterling Heights, Michigan, Brother Harry Pilitsis asked Brother Milton Gust what it would take to establish a new Ahepa Chapter in that area, since no new chapter had been started in over 30 years. After receiving the necessary information Brother Harry spent six months talking to as many individuals as he could. With the help of then Governor George Papageorgiou over 20 new brothers were initiated and along with various brothers who transferred, the Aegean Chapter #506 was established on April 12, 1986.

Because many of the new members were belong to the St. John’s Church the chapter held its meetings at the church. They contributed monies when ever needed to the church as well as helping pay for some iconography. The chapter held picnics and other fundraising events. Again with the help of Brother Harry Pilitsis the Daughters of Penelope Elpis Chapter #385 was formed.

The Aegean Chapter has already hosted two District #10 Conventions by themselves and one convention with the assistance of the Lincoln Park Chapter #391. Presently the Aegean chapter holds its meeting the second Tuesday of each month at various local restaurants.

The Aegean Chapter is the strongest supporter of the District #10 Educational Foundation both with membership in the Foundations “E-Club” as well as having two of its members on the Executive Board. In addition Brother Milton Gust is and has served the Foundations as its Executive Secretary since the Foundations existence in 1975.

With the generosity and philotimo of Brothers Anthony (Tony) Boukis and John Athans, their “Riveria Restaurant” was closed on Thanksgiving Day so that free Thanksgiving Day complete turkey dinners could be given to needy individuals and families. Chapter members worked as waiters along with restaurant staff and even the local mayor. For 4 years between 250 and 300 dinners were serve free of charge.

Presently the chapter has 4 Past District Governors those being Dr. Mike Syropoulos, John Athans, George Kallos, and Milton Gust. Additionally, Dr. Mike Syropoulos was twice elected as Supreme Governor.

Dr. Mike Syropoulos and Milton Gust have served as Chairman of the National AHEPA Educational Foundation and have also been honored as “National AHEPAN’s of the Year”. For educational and cultural activities Brother John Athans along with his wife Aristea have presented various slide show presentations on ancient Greek history to the members of the chapter as well as parishioners of the St. John’s community.

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