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Scholarship Applications

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Apply Now!

The Order of AHEPA District 10 Educational Foundation will be awarding educational scholarships to high school students who are graduating in June.

In addition, the Foundation will also be awarding scholarships to current college students in undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Scholarship applications are due by

April 1st 2024

Εθνική Βιβλιοθήκη της Ελλάδος (National Library of Greece) Founded by Ioannis Kapodistrias in 1832

Support the Educational Foundation

As the cost of college tuition rises, your contributions are a necessity.
Remember, a student is waiting for your financial assistance!
A total of over 800 students have received Scholarships since our founding in 1975

Endorsements and Reports

View our endorsements from prominent figures in government, colleges, and the community.

We value transparency, so we have posted The AHEPA District 10 Educational Foundation Reports below for viewing.

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