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Iphthime Chapter 66

Chapter History

We were the second Daughters of Penelope chapter initiated in Michigan on November 8, 1937, and at that time, we met in homes. Over the years, we met at St. Nicholas Church on Second Avenue in Detroit and continue to meet at St. Nicholas Church in Troy. We look forward to celebrating our 75 years anniversary in 2012.

For the past 72 years, our chapter volunteered, contributed, and participated in many functions and fundraisers relating to the community, church and local activities and continues to do so.

Our chapter holds bake sales, hosts the coffee social a couple times a year, at St. Nicholas Church, Troy, and with AHEPA, host the coffee social on AHEPA Sunday. Our major fundraiser: we take orders, make, and sell pies during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Seasons. We teamed up with Doris Chapter and hosted a Fashion Show, Luncheon and Auction. We have sponsored children to the Camp in Rose City, supported families at Christmas and Easter Holidays, donated to local families in need, donated to St. Nicks Sunday School

For the past several years, we have supported and participated in the Independence Parade in Greek Town, chaired the loukoumathes booth at St. Nicholas’ festival, and this year will help host the AHEPA Mid-Year Conference, which will be held at St. Nicholas Church, Troy.

Social and Fundraising Events

Chapter Membership

The chapter currently has 33 active members and one who proudly is a life member.

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