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Lansing Wolverine Chapter 142

Chapter History

Wolverine Chapter 142 was established on May 27, 1927, by eight members. Meetings were held initially in a store front. The members participated in all civic and community events. Memorial Day and Independence Day parades in downtown Lansing in the twenties and thirties included the members from Wolverine Chapter dressed in blue blazers and white slacks and wearing their bright red AHEPA fezzes. In the early forties, the chapter petitioned the Archdiocese to establish a church in Lansing. AHEPA's efforts resulted in the establishment of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. In all the years since that event, Wolverine Chapter has been a strong supporter of the church providing continued financial support and volunteer effort.

In 1967 AHEPA was one of the biggest contributors to the fundraising drive that resulted in the construction of Holy Trinity's current building. As recently as three years ago, Wolverine Chapter was a major contributor to the church's iconography project. In the past ten years the chapter has given $12,500.00 to Holy Trinity's Greek School. In addition it has provided tuition grants to a number of students so that they might attend the program. A major event is the sponsoring by AHEPA of the Palm Sunday Fish Plaki Dinner. At the dinner, which is attended by the entire community, AHEPA honors its graduating high school seniors. Over the past ten years, Wolverine Chapter has recognized the academic achievements of 89 graduates. It has awarded scholarships totaling over $20,000.00 during that period of time.

Major fundraising events this year include the Village Feast on January 31, 2010. This is limited to 240 guests and it has always sold out. The Palm Sunday Fish Plaki Dinner will be held on March 28, 2010. As indicated previously, all graduating high school seniors will be honored. Wolverine Chapter will sponsor coffee hours after the Holy Liturgy on December 20, 2009, and April 25, 2010. Some programs may be conducted on those days. Other events include the annual Labor Day Picnic which AHEPA hosts free of charge for all members of the Holy Trinity community. However, each year has seen it become a major fundraiser because of voluntary contributions. In late May or early June, the chapter conducts an outing to a Lansing Lugnuts baseball game. These games have been well attended by chapter members, families, and friends.

Social and Fundraising Events

Chapter Membership

The chapter currently has 61 members, 14 of whom are Life Members. Included in the chapter's membership are former Attorney General Frank J. Kelley (41 years), parish priest Fr. Mark Sietsema (8 years), former Michigan State basketball coach Gus Ganakas (2 years), Ingham County Circuit Judge George Economy (33 years), past Michigan Bar Association President George Sinas (32 years), Phillip Frangos (Past Chairman AHEPA National Board of Directors and Past Supreme Counselor (42 years), and many university professors, engineers, businessmen, physicians, and attorneys.

The chapter sponsors high school juniors to Wolverine Boys State. In recent years the chapter has provided grants to enable youngsters to attend the Metropolis of Detroit Summer Camp at Rose City, MI.

Other Information

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