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92nd Annual
District 10 Convention and Greek Gala

District 10 Convention Forms Available Now!

District 10 Convention and Gala Registration Form Must be Received by May 19th, 2023

All other AHEPA and DOP Forms Have Varying Deadlines Listed on the Respective Form

District Convention Save the Date.png

Commemorative Album Sponsor Form

This Album will provide a means for friends and relatives to commemorate a loved one and for business acquaintances to advertise. Your support will help benefit local and national AHEPA family charities.

Please submit your ad using the form below, or use the paper form to pay by check.

The deadline for ad submission is May 13, 2023.

Upload File
Sponsorship Levels Rev 2.png
Select a Sponsorship Level ($)

Have questions? Please contact Agis Diamantis at or 734-775-0207

Thank you for your donation! We appreciate your generosity

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